вторник, 3 мая 2011 г.

My first steps on open source way

Hi, everyone!

At beginning of last week my proposal was accepted to GSoC 2011. I was so impressed, but today I`m not worrying so much now I see there are a lot of work, interesting work and I like this! So, now I`d like to tell you about beginning of my open source way.

Once my friend had showed me the post about announcement of GSoC program. I’ve read this post and began to move on open source way. I began to move step-by-step. I've read a lot of information about GSoC, met with guys who have participated in this program last years, asked them a lot of questions, they have answered and gave me a lot of useful advices.

I went through list of participating last year organizations. There were a lot of exciting communities and it were even greater number of interesting projects. So, I was waited impatiently for announcing this year list of participating organizations. And immediately after the announcement I began to find the most suitable community for me. Truth, there were a lot of really good candidates, and it was very difficult to me to make a decision. Eventually, I did my choice. It was OpenMRS community. And still I have no regrets about this, because it's really good community with great amount of clear documentation and excellent organization of work.

So, after choosing community and slightly later, after I’ve read introductory guides for developers and have familiarized with conventions, I found their trac with introductory tickets and began to work. And it`s great, because I began to understand what is open source!

When it was the time for sending proposal I knew, that I will make an application only exactly for one organization and for one project, and that organization will be only OpenMRS! So, I did it and was sure that I will be accepted. 

So, now I'm a participant of this program, I've already did "first" steps for accepted students and I'm beginning to speed up myself for coding.

With best wishes, Taras!

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