среда, 17 августа 2011 г.

"Soft" pencil down

Hi there,

Now, when became "soft pencil down" date, we have completely finished coding period on project and we are making final code review. So this review aggregates overall changesets which have been made by me, when coding on project. Notably, that during whole summer I have made a lot of changesets. Also, according to community's methodology, every two-three weeks I was making merging of active trunk into my project branch to keep my project up-to-date. This will greatly simplify merge of my project branch into trunk.

As for creating review, I used all possible revisions for code review, except those which are related to merge commits. Strangely, but when I was trying to add those revisions to review, Crucible did not allowed me to do this.

As reviewers for reviewers, I sent notification with invitation for all OpenMRS developers. By default I added to reviewers list four major devs including my mentor.

For now, half of them made about 15% of review. I suppose that review will be done till the ending of this week in the best case (or till the ending of the next week in other case). Next image shows dashboard of this review:

As for currect activity, I'm working on some trunk tickets related to HL7 service within OpenMRS. These are quite interesting tickets and I'm planning to tell you about that in my next post. Also, I'm planning to finish working on project documentation till to ending of this week.

With best regards, Taras Chorny!

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