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Summing up before midterm

Hi there,

We are on the porch of the midterm and looking back on the way, that we have passed, I'm understanding that there were a lot of interesting moments and we have done truly important job. Making evaluation of our work, I'm sure, that we have done about 75% of work or even greater and all this due to having excellent time planning. Really, when we were planning our work we were inclined to put things with greater risk into beginning of the time line to be sure that they will be done as soon as possible. Also it looks very convenient to solve more difficult tasks when you are fresh and full of energy. And yes, our plan had worked and we have done integration of localization tool for velocity templates a week earlier than we had expected.

Generally, the complexity of that work was slightly more than medium (7 on a scale from 1 to 10). It requires a hard thought work, because you need think over a lot of aspects to make different things be able to work together. The complexity of  another tasks was slightly less than medium (4 on a scale from 1 to 10). But those tasks took really a lot of time.

Work on performing of translations consists of routine and routine once again. When you are doing this, you should try various variants of word-combinations to provide the most suitable translation which conveys the meaning as best as possible. You are changing sentence structure several times and finally, you are having translation that meets all your requirements. And this is really routine because you're repeating the same operations a lot of times. Regardless, such work have one great advantage that  overcomes all its drawbacks. You are opening a lot of truly useful knowlege about cultural and language features of other countries.

And due to this, now I know an answer to one of questions, which were interesting to me all time. How can man learn more than 20 foreign languages? And the answer, I believe, is that many languages ​​are very similar, since they belong to one ethnic group languages. For example, Romance languages group includes Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages. All those languages descend from Vulgar Latin, the language of ancient Rome. And basically they are really similar, because they have a slightly similar alphabet, lexical and semantic sentence structure and etc. And the translations into these languages ​​have many common. The same thing can be said about British languages group.

So, all these kinds of work are really interesting because they can make you better as developer and help you more diversify as a person. And, if we add to this work within community, we will have truly useful pastime. Sometimes, when I'm returning to home little sad and tired I'm sitting at my computer, beginning to work with my community and sadness dissipate by itself. And this is one of the many plesant things that can happen with you, when you participate in this surprising program with such a cool community.

With best wishes, Taras Chorny!

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