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Preparing first presentation and localizing pages for testing way of installation OpenMRS data base

Hi there,

Сoming an hour when I will have to show my first presentation about work that I've already done. Actually, it will be 14th of July, and till this date I should prepare it and rehearse with my mentor. But, I was not waiting too long, and immediately after the group B, I started working on my own presentation. At the beginning, truth, I was worried about it, because I did not do anything like that before. But, If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. And being thinking about this proverb, I began to work on my presentation. First, that I did, I discussed idea of presentation and plan with my mentor, and after that I have had clear goal and the way how to achieve it. So, all that remained to be done, this is to be creative and try to present everything the more clear as possible. Although, there are some restrictions for presentation:
  1. it should take 10 min;
  2. since it will be closer to the midterm, it should be focused both on design startegy and on some demos;
  3. inter alia, it should be interesting and not boring, because I scheduled to show it at the end of the list and attendees, probably, can be bit tired.
Easier said than done. And soon after the day of creative work I have had complete draft version of my presentation. I was really happy, prepared draft speech and sent it to my mentor for checking. He reviewed it, made some comments and gave me his feedback. I fixed his comments and now, I do beleive that next week we will have complete version of presentation.  

Next interesting thing, that I have had this week, it was participating in development sprint. I was really impressed of how well managed sprints in our community last week and with great pleasure worked on tickets within sprint this week. Mostly, my work this week was related to unit testing, and I wrote a several tests and fixed some of already existing ones. The main aim for me, when I was writting tests, was to make them "green" and to cover most common test cases for different functionality. And due to good help that I received from sprint leader, I have done my work as soon as possible without any hustle.
And the last thing, that I'd like to tell you this week it's about my work on providing localization for new way of installation OpenMRS data base (this is testing installation). It work was closely related to installation wizard. You may ask me why I'm doing this work only now, I'm reaching out for you. Because it was added to the trunk quite recently. So, first, I merged active trunk into working copy of my branch, resolved all conflicts (this time, there were a lot of conflicts, and I had to work hard on them). After succesfull merging I noticed, that I should localize one new page, and add localization support for existing one. Also I had to handle additional error messages which are related to new way of OpenMRS data base installation. What turned out from that, you can see on figures below:

This figure shows updated page for selecting way of installation. Testing way of installation was added into the bootom of page. All messages related to that way were translated and added into web app's messages resources files. The next picture shows new one page for setting testing database installayion properties. All GUI messages for this page were localized too.

So, more than enough is too much. You can leave your opinion within comments below.

With best wishes, Taras Chorny!

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