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Taking part in OpenMRS development sprint and everyday routine

Hi there,

Well, the first month of summer almost gone, there were a lot-lot of interesting things during first three weeks of this month, and last week wasn't exception of that. So, after I finished integration of localization tool into project and provided mechanism of handling error messages, I decided to integrate myself with current community activities. I thought to myself, that taking part in a development sprint would be the best in this case. 

Currently, there is a development sprint that is devoted to order entry. Order entry is a process of electronic entry of medical practitioner instructions for the treatment of patients (particularly hospitalized patients) under his or her care. The main goal of sprint is to create enterprise-quality support for order-entry within OpenMRS. 

So, I joined to that development sprint, choosed the first ticket and began to work. And it began to be very interesting for me, although even if that was introductory ticket of sorts, it was very plesantly to work with whole community, to saw how another tickets were clacked like nuts and how whole sprint work flow is organized. Also was plesantly to saw how well managed work. And, as soon as I closed the first my ticket I immediately took the next one, and then next one. And I was watching, how well was any of code reviews. After any review I was receiving feedbacks about quality of my code, was making follow up changes within code if it was necessary. 

And, you know, watching on all this process, I wanted to be better and more better to help community to make things even better. So, I began to work with twice inspiration. I got the ticket where was needed a lot of work, and done it. In fact, sprint leader praised me and offered to do a really big and interesting. I was very honored, and took that ticket without any doubts. Sprint leader has made some clarifications for me and I began to work on that ticket. And you know, the devil is not so black as he is painted, and I did that ticket. By that time I already have had partial acces to branch, on which is being all work of sprint. So, I was commiting more and more code, was receiving feedbacks, was making follow up changes and to the end of this week I'm about to completely close this ticket. Really, I'm satisfied of work shoulder to shoulder with whole community, it's really great, and I am grateful to them that they gave me such opportunity.

As for my project, this week I also made a lot of routine work. But, in general, probably, you can guess, that usually a lion's share of work consists of routine. Unfortunately, we have no way to getting away of that. So, according to my schedule, I had to perform some pages translation and to merge active trunk into my working branch. And I have done all this things. I can say that they also were useful for me because I improved my knowledges of foreign languages even more. As for merging active trunk into my branch, I did it without any hustle (inter alia, I had only one merging conflict and sucessfully resolved it). This is due to the way how distributed work on whole project and mostly due to that fact, that the component of whole system, on which is targeted my project, isn't frequently changing.

So, I guess that it's all for today, if you have any questions leave them in comments below.

With best regards, Taras Chorny!

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